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The vast disposable syringe market in Africa, Great opportunity to start a syringe plant there.


The international medical device industry predict that the world’s disposable syringe market will greatly increased. As most of the developed countries have generally entered an aging society. And they required more health care. So the demand for disposable syringe is high. Now it is the opportunity to start the syringe production project. Many people in the industry believe that although the African medical device market has small sales volume, with the sustained economic development in Africa, Africa will certainly become a potential candidate for disposable syringes and other medical devices market. So set up syringe manufacturing line in Africa will be a good choice.

Nowadays the syringe production machines are with high automatic level. So the production capacity of disposable syringe in China has exceeded 30billion. The syringe production process are get simple. It becomes easier to start a syringe plant. According to the analysis of foreigners who have long been engaged in the trade of medical devices, the disposable syringe market is still dominated by developed countries. The United States is the largest disposable syringe market in the world today. Bur Africa market still with great potential.

There are nearly 1 billion people in Africa, and the national economies of Nigeria, Mali, South Africa, and North Africa are better. The sub-Saharan countries have always been the hardest hit areas for AIDS in the world. Therefore, African countries have a demand for disposable syringe products. It is huge. Currently the most needed syringe products in Africa include anesthesia syringes, vascular surgery syringes, blood/gas injectors, catheter injectors (especially one-end closed safety catheter injectors), dental syringes, eyeball syringes, insulin syringes (including conventional insulin syringes and pre Filled Insulin Syringe), Ligament Injector, Washing Syringe, etc.

For many of disposable syringe manufacturers, it is better to do everything possible to open the vast market in Africa.

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