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Zhengri Technology Co Ltd was founded in 1992 the leading manufacturer of medical equipment in China Our company specializes in the production and development of various syringe and infusion set production equipment and also provides the turnkey solution of syringe and infusion set plant for our clients including all the necessary equipment and raw material supply oversea installation training of operators and providing professional advice for the design and construction of purification workshops etc We have successfully helped more than 38 factories aboard to set up syringe and infusion production plants Our equipment has been exported to many countries all over the world like USA Israel...

Categories and Products

Medical Products Mould

Syringe Mould

Cold Runner Medical Disposable Plastic Syringe Mould Hypodermic 5cc Luer Lock Syringe Barrel Mold 16-30G Medical Hypodermic Needle Hub Mould Plastic Insulin Syringe Injection Mould Disposable Safety Syringe Injection Molds Syringe Plunger Stainless Steel Injection Mould Maker Comsuable Medical Products Moulds Multiple Cavities Plastic Injection Mould for Syringe Gasket Mould Equipment High Quality Medical Syringe Cold Runner Mould 5ml 48 Cavities Syringe Mould Making 

Needle Part Mould

Plastic Safety Needle Cap Mold Disposable Dental Needle Seat and Cap Mould 

Infusion Set Part Mould

Medical Product Infusion Set Parts Mould Medical Disposable IV Set Component Mold Plastic Infusion Set Spike Injection Mold 

Medical Products Assembly Machine

Syringe Assembly Machine

Automatic 3 parts Disposable Syringe Assembly Machine Medical Insulin Syringe Assembly Machine Price Full Automatic Plastic 2-Parts Syringe Assembly Machine Safety Auto Destruction 5cc Syringe Assembly Machine Insulin Syringe Unibody Needle Assembly Machine Automatic Insulin Syringe Assembly Machine Fully Automatic Blood Collection Needle Assembly Machine Disposable Syringe Assembling Machine Price Automatic Medical Syringe Assembly Equipment Automatic Disposable Syringe Assembly Device Automatic Syringe Assembly Machine customized safety syringe assembly machine ADS production line assembly machine Hypodermic Syringe Barrel Plunger Assembly Machine Medical Syringe Assembly Meaning Machine India 

Infusion Set Assembly Machine

Automatic I.V Flow Regulator Assembly Machine Automatic Infusion Set Latex Tube Assembly Machine Automatic IV Drip Chamber Assembly Machine for Infusion Fully Automatic I.V Set Drip Chamber Making Machine Fully Automatic IV Plastic Spike Needle Assembly Machine Medical Infusion Set Flow Regulator Assembly Machine Infusion Set Three Way Connector Assembly Machine Disposable IV Luer Lock Infusion Sets Intravenous IV Infusion Sets Price Automatic Assembly Machine with Stop Water Film 

Needle Assembly Machine

Hypodermic Syringe Needle Assembly Machine Medical Safety Needle Assembly Machine Price Medical Disposable Safety Hpodermic Needle High Quality Disposable Plastic Syringe Needle Where to Buy Hypodermic Needles for Sale Disposable Butterfly IV Catheter Scalp Vein Set 

Other Medical Products Assembly Machine

Plstic Medical Tube Production Line Equipment Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Line Machines Vacuum PET Blood Collection Tube Making Machine Automatic blood collection tube Assembly machine Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Product Making Assembly Machine 

Printing Machine

Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Syringe Silk Screen Printing Machine Syringe 1 Color Screen Printing Machine For Sale High Quality Syringe Silk Screen Printing Machine Price Medical Syringe Silk Screen Printer Machine For Sale Automatic Silk Screen Printer Machine For Syringe Automatic Syringe silk screen printing machine price Silk Printing Machine Specication Syringe Screen Printing Machine Disposable Silk Printing Machine High Quality Printer 

Pad Printing Machine

Syringe Barrel Rotary Pad Printing Machine Disposable Syringe Automatic Pad Printer Machine Medical Syringe Barrel Pad Printing Equipment Automation Syringe Rotary Printing Machine Roller Printing Machine with Printing Plate Disposable Syringe Barrel Scale Pad Print Printing Machine 

Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

Syringe Semi Automatic Blister Packaging Machine Automatic Disposable Syringe Loader for Packing Machine Disposable Syringe Needle Auto Loader Medical Product Automatic Blister Packing Sealing Machine High Speed Rapid Pack Blister Packing Machine Semi Automatic Blister Forming Packaging Machine for Syringe Medical Needle Manual Blister Packing machine Aluminum Plastic Automatic Tablet Blister Packing Machine Pharmacy Capsule Blister Packing Machine Pharmaceutical Tablet Automatic Blister Packing Machine Small Blister Pack Machine For Syringe Medical Disposable Syringe Blister Packaging Machine Automatic Syringe Blister Packing Machine Price Automatic Packing Machine Blister Package Automatic Blister packaging machine Disposable Syringe Blister Packaging Process Packing Machine Medical Products Syringe Blister Packaging Machinery 

Automatic Ribbon Packing Machine

Automatic Pillow Syringe Packing Machine Syringe Plastic Bag Ribbon Packing Machine Automatic Pouch Packing Sealing Machine Price Syringe Bag Pillow Packaging Film Packing Machine 

Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Syringe Injection Molding Machine Price Plastic Automatic Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine Benchtop Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine Desktop PET Preform Injection Molding Machine Plastic injection molding machine disposable syringe injection molding machine plastic items injection molding machine Disposable Syringe Moulding Molding of Syringe Plastic Injection and Molding Moulding Machine 

EO Sterilizer

EO Sterilization Machine

ETO Gas Sterilizer Machine With Two Door Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization Machine Price 3M3 EO Gas Sterilizer Equipment for Medical Product 10 M3 Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer Computerized Automatic E. O. Gas Sterilizer Medical Product ETO Gas Sterilization Machine Automatic ETO Sterilizer Cabinet For Medical Products Medical ETO Sterilization Chamber Medical Syringe EO Gas Sterilization Machine Automatic ETO Gas Sterilization Machine Price 15 m3 Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Gas Equipment Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer machine 15m³ Cubic Meter Eo Gas Sterilizer Sterilization Chamber 20 M3 Industrial ETO Sterilizer Sterilization Equipment eo sterilization machine cost EO gas materialization machine disposable syringe making machine suppliers disposable syringe machines ETO sterilization machine for disposable syringes Medical Products Sterilization by EO Gas Sterilizing Chamber 

EO Residual Gas Treatment System

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Residual Gas Treatment System EO Gas Sterilizer Exhausted Gas Treatment System 

Medical Products Production Line

Syringe Production Line

Disposable Syringe Production Line Machinery Medical Syringe Production Line Machine Price Medical Disposable Plastic Syringe Making Machine Disposable Plastic Syringe Making Machinery Disposable Medical Syringe Automatic Making Machine Automatic Plastic Syringe Manufacturing Plant Disposable Medical Plastic Syringe 5cc Disposable Syringe with Luer Lock Slip and Needles Where to Buy Retractable Needle Safety Syringe Where to Buy Disposable Insulin Syringe with Needle Sterile Disposable Plastic Injection Syringe for Sale Medical Syringe Nature Rubber Gasket 10 ml Syringe Synthetic Rubber Piston Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Machine Price Disposable Plastic Syringe Luer Lock with without needle Disposable Syringe Making Machine Price Plant medical syringe making machine Complete Disposable Medical Hypodermic Syringe Making Line Plastic Syringe Needle Making Machine Plant Medical Syringe Plastic Manufacturing Equipment 

Infusion Set Production Line

Single Screw Plastic Tube Extruder Machine Plastic PVC Tube Extrusion Machine Price Automatic IV Set Manufacturing Machine Automatic IV Infusion Set Assembly Machine Complete Medical Infusion Set Assembly Line Automatic Disposable I.V Set Assembly Line IV Infusion Set Sterilizer Assemble Manufacturing Machine IV Set Assembly Making Production Equipment 

Needle Production Line

Disposable Syringe Needle Production Line 

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