Plastic Injection Molding Machine with Servo Motor System

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Brief Introduction

Consist of plasticizing system, injection system, the clamping system and transmission system of plastic injection molding equipment. Our company use die casting technologies applied to injection molding machines for many years.In mechanical, hydraulic, electric control,etc for comprehensive improvement, perfect combination of dynamic pressure casting and speed.

In order to increase the stability of syringe production, we specially added infrared heating coil to standard injection molding machine. In addition, we recommend adding servo motor systems, although the servo motor will increase the cost of injection molding machine,but servo system have the advantages of energy saving, in a long-term production, it is more economy, so nowadays more and more companies choose servo motor system.

Technical Parameter

Screw Diameter  mm404548455055 55 6065606567
Screw L/D Ratio  L/D 22.5 20.31923.120.618.7 21.5 19.718.221.72019.4
Clamping Force  KN16802080  25802880
Opening Stroke  mm420475  545610
Hydraulic Ejection  KN4562  6270
Ejector Stroke  mm140165  165165
Motor Power  KW1518.5  2230
Heater  KW1016  1818
Machine Dimension   m5.2×1.3×2.15.7×1.4×2.3  6.3×1.5×2.36.5×1.6×2.2
Machine Weight    t4.86.6  7.88.5
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