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Five steps for the complete syringe production process:

1.Injection Section

Barrel and plunger are formed through mould installed in the injection machine with hot-melt PP material injected. It is the most important part in the syringe production process, as the design and accuracy of mould will determine the final quality of syringe. 

2.Barrel Printing Section

Print the scale line and logo on the syringe barrel. A clear, indelible scale line and logo will improve the level of the syringe.

3.Assembly Section

Assemble all part of syringe,including the plunger,gasket,barrel and needle,to form one complete set of syringe. A stable and high-speed assembly machine will greatly increase the daily output. 

4.Packing Section

The assembled syringe,as a kind of medical product,it needs individual packing to keep clean before going out of clean room. The packing process is handled by packing machine. There are two types of packing machine,automatic blister packing machine and automatic ribbon packing machine. After individual packing,the packed syringe needs to be placed in box and carton to complete the final packing.

5.Sterilization Section

To make sure that the syringe is sterile,progeny-free,packed syringes need to be steriled by ethylene oxide gas before entering the market. The main equipment in this workshop is ETO sterilizer. If clients need,a preheating system can be added to shorten the cycle time of sterilization. 

Our advantages

1. One-stop serviceproviding a complete range of equipmentmaterial or technical services that customer might require for syringe production.

2. Our machine is of high efficiency and stability. Its technology and performance can reach international advanced level.

3. 20-year experience in designingresearching & developingmanufacturing the syringe equipment.

4. Professional sales teamproviding 7*24 hours service.

5. Overseas after-sales serviceskilled engineers will go to install and debug the machine at buyer's location.

6. Production manager's theoretical and practical training solutionor headhunting service.

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